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Monday, 16 February 2009

24 Ono Mini Dead (Compilation)

Its been a very long time coming together but at long last here is the latest ono release the minidisc to kill all minidiscs !

tracklist is as follows ...

1 Ben Gwilliam - ONO_md 5:00
2 Providence Fair - The Same Folk 5:24
3 Alternate Ending - Not Here 4:02
4 Andrew Hargreaves - Rare Music Box 1999 1:57
5 Ikey (2) - Violinheart 4:29
6 Ronny And The Tin Foil Hat Brigade - Half Man Half Sprout 1:10
7 Ronny And The Tin Foil Hat Brigade - Charlie C 3:40
8 Matt Wand - Md Track 7:32
9 Glossolalia - Here Is Where We Wrote Our Names 1:01
10 Glossolalia - On The Door. A Man Is Four Late Nights, 0:53
11 Glossolalia - Or Moments Congealed. All Of Our Mothers 1:08
12 Glossolalia - Are Stars, Impaled Above The Market, Magical 1:03
13 Glossolalia - As Names, Simple As Opening A Door. 1:02
14 Lost Black Dog - The Crater And The Cloud 2:59
15 Lost Black Dog - Answers To No 1 2:00
16 Black Toothed Grin - Morosemortes 1:31
17 Black Toothed Grin - View Of A DEAD Pig Ted Hughes 1:21
18 Black Toothed Grin - Doo Be Dah 0:09
19 Ximon Tayaki - Opr06QN3 4:13
20 Various - Worm Nibbling On My Cables; In The Dark Corners Of My Room 1:00
DJ Mix - Keswicklemon
21 Various - Yellow Thunderstorms Are Caused By Rabbits; My Room Is My Brain 7:37
DJ Mix - Keswicklemon
22 Various - Why Do You Want Me To Be Someone Else; When I'm Trying To Be Me 11:21
DJ Mix - Keswicklemon

With a little Dj mix at the end from my fingers, more music to come in the following weeks . since ive been away for so so long (1 year) while i'm at home i should get down to business and do something productive!
first twenty copies come with collages pre made... last 30 come with the parts to make your own collage !

Keswicklemon Interviews : July 2005

In 2005 i did a series of interviews talking to people who know their stuff about rare records, mostly disco records and records to be played in a disco situation. In short i picked the brains of both Alex Bond from the
New Religion label and also Balearic Mike from Vinyl Exchange in Manchester.

Here is a short interview with Balearic Mike on the subject of Cosmic Disco : a lot has happened since i did this interview but i still think it has some interesting points and some tunes to track down. Mike was really one of the people who knew a lot about cosmic before it became 'the thing to say you play' ! Mikes mixes have always been original and often i'd cringe when he played certain cheesy records when he used to work at vinyl exchange. Looking back from where i am now i realize that even the rubbish records he liked were just records i didn't quite get at the time. Mike was buying records before i was even born and it really shows in his selections. try and track down some of his mixes online or buy his Originals CD if you can find a copy anywhere as it looks to be sold out everywhere it was available.

have a listen to it here Keswicklemon And Balearic Mike Cosmic Interview

The interview with Alex Bond took place in Oklahoma Cafe around the same time as Mikes interview about a year after his compilation called "A Secret History came out, a compilation bringing together many absolutely classic records from the past that was a bit of an eye opener for me New Religion Presents A Secret History Discogs Page i also saw alex Dj a few times and his mixes on Ableton Live were really something special especially one night at Black Heart Disco (possibly the last one?) Alex seriously destroyed the dancefloor mixing Basic Channel records with disco and dropping just a few seconds of a really really fat beat into the mix. Like i said Alex knows his stuff and he is another serious serious record collector with some really special pieces. have a listen to his voice here talking on the subject of Techno Not Techno.

Keswicklemon And Alex Bond Techno Not Techno Interview Part 1
Keswicklemon And Alex Bond Techno Not Techno Interview Part 2

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Licktronica 5th Feb 2005 Dj Charts

it seems like spring at the moment even tho its still supposed to be winter, so i'm having a day of spring cleaning and laundry

I just found these lovely little pictures on file on my computer and i thought i'd share them before i deleted them . i enjoy looking through lists of music if only it sparks a forgotten interest of mine. so please have a look through Xela's Mine and Robert Bailey's February 2005 charts and here is a chart from me for this year's Feb. Mostly old stuff and some new canadian bits i like the sound of (Of Montreal makes me laugh!)

10. YMO : BGM
09. Plux Quba : N.C.
08. Slum Village : Fan-Tas-Tic Vol 1
07. Various Artists : Boogaloo Pow Wow
06. Les Rallizes Dénudés : Heavier Than A Death In The Family
04. Os Mutantes : Os Mutantes
03. Of Montreal: Skeletal Lamping
02. Land Of Talk : Some Are Lakes
01. Caetano Veloso : Fina Estampa