Keswicklemon is a blog by artist Michael Holland from Lancashire england. Its an archive of projects artwork music photographs collections and writings. not many people follow me and there are way too many blogs in the world but this one is simply just for me to keep my ideas from disappearing into nothingness.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Why? Keswicklemon

Sometime after 1994 a gormless footballer called Mickey Mellon played for Blackpool. I was young, on scout camp and one lad called Neil who was the leader of the pack so to speak decided to call me Mickey Mellon.  I have now built up some kind of resistance to personalities like this, probably due to this one special Neil who had powers of convincing beyond most people's wildest imaginations. Neil decides that since i'm called michael and this "random" Mickey Mellon plays for blackpool,  i should then be called Mickey Mellon. Logical enough. Better not to question the logic of this pop swigging charmer when he's bigger than you. Lazy kids playing football and imagining they are footballers from 2nd division teams get fired up and in the game of life Mickey Mellon gets shortened to Melon and sticks long enough to get me to college where it becomes a strange nickname that everyone seems to latch on to. NO. Its got absolutely nothing to do with me having a melon head.

Along comes college and all that stuff and my friend Tom "Haggis" decides i look strangely like the kid in the film "Kes". He's not wrong and my childhood experiences in the showers at secondary school being a bit crap at football and not completely fitting in to the general way things go. I dont Disagree with Tom as i actually quite like that guy and he's honest and he's giving me a nickname from a film that i actually totally love. Beautiful film about a working class lad growing up and befriending a wild Kestrel.  Billy Casper has a coat like mine but is actually from Yorkshire not Lancashire. Still Kes sticks and other local kids call me Kes and even some parents think that this is still my real name it gets used so much. I'm quite happy to be associated to this bird loving kid who really does look a lot like me. i'll let you be the judge.

i struggle one day to find an email address that isn't already used ... i'm not really the kind of person to have melon1982 or something gay like that so i opt out of the english language and create a new word. My mate Christy thinks that my actual name is Kes and he assumes that my last name must be Keswick or something like that.  Its not, but again i'm happy with the association and Keswick becomes the starting point of my search for unabused email addresses. Keswickmelon is a bit too obvious and i have a bit of a passion for lemons. Lemon being an anagram of melon it makes sense to me at the time and i arrive at Keswicklemon in a focused but round about way. Not likely that anyone will try to steal it from me as its so so abstract and with that history you can't really argue with its origin as a name. Not hoping for a dictionary add or anything and pl


Michael Holland
Micky Mellon