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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

List : Personalized Top Ten for Michael Byard

i decided the other day as i was climbing up a chairlift going up paradise chair at lake louise that i needed to start writing some meaningful posts for friends and i intend to ask for some lists as a sort of a way of recommending things and being recommended things back specifically for me or specifically for that person . i hope that made some kind of sense .

here is my first set of recommendations for Michael Byard who i went skiing with this morning . Sorry for waking you up ! M

1. Gregory David Roberts Motivational Talks

2. Happiness

3. Wanderlust

4. When You Cant Afford To Fly To Proper Snow

5. That's It That's All

6. Boogaloo Pow Wow : Dancefloor Rendez-Vous In Young Nuyorica

7. Beer On a Rock

8. Lightning Bolt

9. Masala Dosa

Bollywood Soundtracks

10 . Music From The Third Floor

1 comment:

wanderingaussie said...

hey mate, nice work on the top ten. i know id already seen them but i went back through and checked them all out. got lost for a while in the shantaram interviews, remembering the book and thinking how much iwanted to go to india, its nice when you can get lost in a day dream and forget about the now, not that theres anything wrong with the now, but you know what i mean im sure.
thanks mate ill try and get around and do one for you at some stage.