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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

17 Ono ™!^‡&$±@

How did i forget my own debut release !

dont really want to say too much about this one its just some experiments that i put together one very early morning when i was feeling really creative.

i put this cd together in 1 day start to finish.

limited to not very many copies at all, i think i sold one of them.

the other copies i gave away.

here's the press sheet (with added descriptions)

Label : ONO
Title : ™!^‡&$±@
Cat No : ONO ™!^‡&$±@
Release Date : 01.05.2008
Format : 3" Cdr
Style : Noise, Chiptune, Spoken Word, Field Recording, Darkwave, Drone, Musique Concrète, Public Service Announcement
Ono ™!^‡&$±@ is the debut release for Keswicklemon.

01 : ! 1:57 (Darkwave Metabolist Bass Music)
02 : ^ 5:32 (Obscenity Nanoloop Electro)
03 : ‡ 0:31 (Rumbling Bassheavy With Birdsong)
04 : & 2:39 (Heart Sounds Murmurs Nanoloop Bass)
05 : $ 3:16 (Yoko Ono Nanogrit Sweep)
06 : ™ 3:02 (Radio Music Stereo Jan Czug Sample)
07 : ± 0:32 (Loop Jason Forrest Near Eastern Sample)
08 : @ 1:35 (Bass Scary Noise Destructive)

thanks to Danny, Matt, Andrew, Alice, Miles, Hannah, Paul, Gavin and my Grandparents for believing in me and supporting me along the way !

NOTE> > > This was available before ono tesco came out so it should in theory be number 7 but i'm not going to re jig all the numbers to fit it in.

you can download it here as a Zip file Ono ™!^‡&$±@

Thursday, 24 July 2008


i just found this article on the history of the use and misuse of records. it got me thinking ...

i have just sent emails to a lot of my friends asking them to submit a 5 min track each for a minidisk only compilation. since reading this and the ideas contained in this collection of writings about all these pioneers making so many different advancements. the information held in this bit of writing is so so inspirational to me i get excited every time i find something like this. Christian Marclay "Record Player" was the last time i felt like this. i find that i become productive when i create tasks for myself you have to keep finding things to throw yourself into. Danny and Isaac both told me that they really enjoyed making the poetry releases because they had something to aim at. most of the time all we need is a starting point to get us on the ladder and moving toward producing worthwhile work. The tag "ART" was always something that i found difficult to aspire to, not believing in my own work was something i always suffered. most of the time i didnt have a task to complete i didnt create projects for myself to work through. i realise that people need boundaries to break them down. its obvious really and i suppose you just need to learn these kind of things yourself through working things out. since completing my fine art degree 3 years ago and making little work in the time since i'm only now realising that i have been working all along without realizing what my own method of working actually was. thinking outside the box is really what i needed to be doing all along and somehow i am an artist again.

List : Paraphilia

from here on in, every blog post i do for my label is going to have a number, so that i can keep track of the number of releases i do. Other posts i make wont have a number this is the first un numbered post.
i wanted to write a bit about perversion. the reason is: i was googling 'pervert' because gultskra artikler's new album out in august has a track on it called 'Pervie' you can listen to it here. anyway along the way. As you do, i ended up looking up Paraphilia. there is a really ace track by dopplereffekt called Plastiphilia Lyrics well i dont think that Plastiphilia is actually a valid paraphilia but its quite a good word anyhow. There are lots and lots of really good paraphilias that are actually real words. i found it incredibly interesting so i decided to do a top ten but it then turned into fifteen because there were so so many on the list.

Keswicklemon's Top Ten Paraphilias

15: Telephone scatologia: being sexually aroused by making obscene phone calls to strangers (tempting...see Lukas Moodysson's short film 'talk')
14: Dacryphilia: sexual pleasure in eliciting tears from others or oneself (i dont get any pleasure from seeing people crying but i can understand the idea..
13: Erotophonophilia: or lust murder :sexual arousal from committing (or trying to commit) murder (a bit obvious but interesting all the same)
12: Olfactophilia: sexual stimulus with smells or odors (see also Jock sniffing)
11: Plushophilia: sexual attraction to stuffed animals and/or people dressed in animal costumes
10: Erotic lactation: (also galactophilia or lactophilia): sexual attraction to human milk or lactating women (the next black toothed grin release will be related to this one)
9 : Agalmatophilia: sexual attraction to statues or mannequins or immobility (Listen to Dopplereffekt : Plastiphilia)
8 : Aquaphilia: arousal from water and/or in watery environments, including bathtubs and swimming pools (think about that next time you go swimming)
7 : Autassassinophilia: sexual arousal from staging one's own murder (see Harold and Maude)
6 : Autonepiophilia: sexual arousal from wearing diapers (everyone likes to feel safe and warm)
4 : Subligāculumophilia: sexual interest in aprons (wild! anyone want to buy a used soiled apron)
3 : Abasiophilia: love of (or sexual attraction to) people who are lame or crippled and/or who use leg braces or other orthopaedic appliances (see David Cronenberg 'crash')
2 : Knismolagnia: sexual arousal from being tickled (a personal favorite of mine)
1 : Nasophilia: sexual arousal from touching the nose of a person (its a delicate untouched and special place you just want to stick your tongue in, well some people do)

some of these are particularly interesting and i think the tickling one and the nose one are probably a joint top position but since i like noses so much i think that Nasophilia just gets it. Only just... by a nose.

Monday, 21 July 2008

16 Ono Resistance

i wanted to write a bit about this release on ono. Ono Resistance is a sort of noise techno hybrid using 'techno' instruments to make something different the first two tracks are electronic feedback soundscapes that hint toward a knowledge of some of the recent stateside electronic noise and power electronics of recent times, wolf eyes, burning star core you get the picture... Track 3 is something slightly different a kind of rhythmic noise track that nods as much to larry heard and chicago experimental house music as it does to british radiophonic music. this last track is not house music but it certainly has a groove and the feeling and space that knows house but doesn't try to recreate what has already been done to death a million times before.

the influence and knowledge of a openess to all kinds of sound has led to this release being made in northern england by some guys with a passion for misusing and recycling bits of vintage kit. you tube 'men and Boxes' Some of the instruments used in this release are listed below.

Waldorf 4-Pole
Crumar Multiman
Dynacord DRS-78, DRS-23
Tiesco 60F
Roland SH-09, TR-606
ETI Vocoder
Akai S1000, MFC42

The synthersizer in the picture above was the main sound source for many of the sounds.

Tracktitles for the tracks are to the point and bring to attention the upcoming political storm that we dont really have any chance of avoiding. The People who made the music contained on this disc are music lovers through and through and each of the contributors have much to contribute to the world of music and i hope that they produce some more sounds like this. because it is not empty production line music made for a label to capitalise on. This is raw quietly confident music who's whole aesthetic is based on every person on this earths right to choose what happens in the coming storm.

Here is what boomkat said about the cd. CLICK HERE
Discogs page for this release is HERE

15 Ono Apollinaire

fourth and final release in the poemes series is Guilliame Apollinaire By Black Toothed Grin Guillaume Apollinaire is the most
limited of the four poems releases with only 15 copies (with around 5 extra copies for promotion purposes)
Black toothed grin is mine and jan's band. Started out of complete necessity just because we had to make some music! black toothed grin is an evolving and meandering creation started by two lifelong friends and a borrowed drum kit from Pendle Coven's Miles Whittaker. We dont really use fancy equipment, we dont have a myspace we like having a bit of fun, this music is certainly not indie landfill. My fingers were very sore after printing all the sleeves for the last four releases so please look after them if you have one. this wont be getting a repress !

1 Ikey + Keswicklemon Dot Nomel Yeki (4:32)
2 Le Pont Mirabeau (1:00)
3 Les Colchiques (1:05)
4 La Jolie Rousse (2:45)
5 O Ma Jeunesse Abandonnee (1:05)
6 L' Emigrant De Landor Road (3:09)
7 Cors De Chasse (1:28)
8 D4 F5 (Défense Néerlandaise) (5:03)

Saturday, 19 July 2008

14 Ono Eluard

Third release in the surrealist poems series on ono is by Isaac Clarke it is called
Paul Eluard By Ikey (Isaac Clarke)href="">Paul Eluard
Limited to 21 copies only (with around 5 extra copies for promotion purposes)
this is isaac's very first release he has his own myspace page here

1 Courve-Feu
2 L'Amoureuse
3 Pour Vivre Ici
4 Nuits Partagees
5 Poesie Ininterrompue
6 Notre Vie
7 Courvre-Feu Version 2
8 Diamanche Apres-Midi
9 Si Seulement

Ikey will be helping out and becoming a member of black toothed grin, he produced the first track at the start of the next Black Toothed Grin cd. ikey also lent his production skills in a recent recording session involving lots of nice food (thankyou to his sister imogen for that!) and lots of Merz poetry by Kurt Schwitters that will hopefully be the 3rd Black Toothed Grin release.

13 Ono Aragon

Second in the series is Louis Aragon By Andrew Hargreaves Louis Aragon
Limited To 30 copies only (with around 5 extra copies for promotion purposes)
Andrew is one half of 'the boats' friends with ikey and also helps to run lacies records with alice clarke here is the boats myspace
Andrews Myspace

Boomkat Wrote :
Named after the French poet and novelist, this 3" CD by Andrew Hargreaves of The Boats is one in a series of Ono releases to focus on the key figures of the Surrealist movement. This disc takes recordings of readings from Aragon's text and sets them into their own sound world, filled with both acoustic and electronic elements, but most of all, firmly characterised by certain hallmarks that instantly bring to mind Hargreaves' main strand of work for Moteer. The tone and rhythm of the readings is matched brilliantly by these backdrops, and it's often hard to work out where the original analogue crackle of the speech recordings ends and the digital interference begins. Opening with a passage of simply plucked acoustic guitar, this twenty minute EP embarks upon an incredibly condensed narrative of homespun electroacoustics and new musical contexts for the text, and to his great credit, Hargreaves follows the variation in the speaker's voice in an incredibly faithful and detailed fashion, resulting in a release that feels like a really special piece of work, a notion consolidated by the lovely handmade packaging and the incredibly limited edition (just 30 copies in total). Get one while you can...

12 Ono Cocteau

The ono poemes series consists of four releases all using recordings of different french poets , Paul Eluard , Jean Cocteau , Louis Aragon and Guillaume Apollinaire. Each poet was paired with a musician and that musician created a sound environment to go with the poems. Danny Norbury : Jean Cocteau is the first of the four french surrealist poem releases on ono. i did start writing a press sheet for this release but it never got finished so i'm not going to post it here. The music speaks for itself. you can download a track from it here at moistworks ,has done an article on this project if you would like to read it, it includes an in depth interview with danny posted on Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Jean Cocteau By Danny Norbury Jean Cocteau Discogs Page
Limited To 33 copies only (with around 5 extra copies for promotion purposes)
Danny released a mini cdr on the static caravan label in 2007 he is constantly working on new material and you can listen to his tracks here on
Dannys Myspace


1.Lit D'Amour
2.Rien Ne M'Effraye Plus
3.Les Cheveux Gris, Quand Jeunesse Les Porte
4.Muses Qui Ne Songez A Plaire
6.Mauvaise Compagne
7.Je N'Aime Pas Dormir
8.Le Paquet Rouge

11 Ono Avant Garde

Andrew Hargreaves from 'the boats' fame has done some absolutely stunning re edits of avant garde pieces and one piece that uses a sample from a "burnley brass band LP" forget disco re-edits for dancing ! these are magical rhythmic re edits for listening. the complex constructions take the original sounds looping the sounds and making them into new tracks completely fresh sounding music that could have been made yesterday. Respect to John Cage and Edgar Varese for making the sounds that sound just as fresh today as they did when they were first conceived. andrew has done really good stuff with his first release for ono. thankyou andrew you are a star!
Tracklist here :

Re-edit made 2004 London/Burnley

2. SONATA 1 (1946) - JOHN CAGE (BORIS BERMAN, Piano)
Re-edit made 2004 Burnley

Re-edit made 2008 Manchester



Boomkat Article

10 Ono Amature

Black Toothed Grin - Dissapointment Is Our Buisness, Buisness Is Good

April fool joke release on ono limited edition due to the number of metal clips that my dad had in a box of old junk. The clips hold the release together sandwiching two peices of old record sleeve centres that i cut out of modified record sleeves from my collection. The music on this release is from the very first Black Toothed Grin recording sessions before we had even thought of a name. Recorded on a sony walkman and edited in a wave editor at home this is Rossendale outsider music in its rawest form. i included a few tracks that i made as backing tracks for us to play along to at the end of the cd, the first keswicklemon solo tracks. although this project started out as a joke jan seems to think that we are getting better and by the time we reach album 10 we might actually be pretty good. i am not holding my breath for groupies and gigging worldwide. this release is limited to 9 copies worldwide Matt Wand(Hot Air) MLZ (Pendle Coven) Danny Norbury (Myspaz) Andrew Boats (moteer) Jan and Lisa (lost their copy) all have a copy of this release.

Band members for this release are :

Jan Czugalinski
Lisa Fallon
Michael Holland


1 Do You Think The Neighbours, Think? (2:08)
2 Sounds Like Popcorn (Time For Steak And A Flim Eh Lise) (1:22)
3 Bigglesworth Ringtone Warrior (0:52)
4 Cowpe Lowe Drenched In Sunlight (1:15)
5 Its Well Loud In Ere I Think I Tore Me Eardrums (1:09)
6 This Song Is Dedicated To Leeroy Spanks (0:47)
7 Mashed Optratoe (0:56)
8 Heys St Shooting FBI Cover Up (For Mr Lejeski) (1:33)
9 Keswicklemon:Her Story (3:22)
10 Keswicklemon:Visions Of The Future (1:45)
11 Keswicklemon:Dedicated To Yoko (1:33)

Her Story is made from a sample of Her Story By the Flying Lizards

09 Ono Holland

This release came from a mix that Danny Norbury did for play my tape i really love dannys music and when i'd heard his mix for play my tape it just had to go on a cd in full WAV quality. Danny has a really good ear for music. danny is a classically trained cello player who has been lending his expertise to various musicians recently such as Library Tapes, The Boats, Nancy Elizabeth, Rafael Anton Irisarri. Danny has a release under his belt for static caravan which is called 'Dusk'. i hope that he is going to get his album finished soon too. i've heard tracks from it and its magical. I wrote a press sheet for ono holland here it is in undiluted form.

Label : ONO
Title : Holland
Cat No : ONO Holland
Release Date : 01.05.2008

Ono Holland is a new mix tape release from Danny Norbury and Michael Holland. The first part was available to download from
it features many of Danny's all time favorite tracks taking in some seriously heavy classical music effortlessly linked with some recent materpeices. The overall feel of this mix is high quality wide angle music with a timeless depth running deeply through each and every track. The Second part is a dark brooding electronic post -punk walk through some of the less appealing parts of the worlds industrial landscape 1964-2008

Tracklist for Danny Norbury and Michael Holland's Mix 'Ono Holland'

01 György Kurtág :String Quartet, op.1 : V molto ostinato
02 Jürgen Knieper : Die Kathedrale Der Bücher
03 Dmitri Shostakovich :String Quartet no.8 : II allegro molto
04 Badalamenti : Mort De La Pieuvre
05 Bernard Herrmann : Vertigo Prelude
06 Leila :Space, Love
07 Stars of the Lid :Dungtitled (In A Major)
08 Morton Feldman : Rothko Chapel (Excerpt)
09 Moondog : Fujiyama I
10 Ryoji Ikeda : Op.1 for 9 strings : IV
11 Walter Carlos : Variations for flute and electronic sound .
12 Rip Rig and Panic : Its always Tit for tac you foolish brats
13 Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft : Y la Gracia
14 Ryoji ikeda : Trans Missions
Ryoji ikeda : This Is A Recording
Ryoji ikeda : Radio Range
15 John Foxx : Film One
16 The Art of Noise : How To Kill
17 Metabolist : Lights
18 Roger Limb : Aerial Currents
Jandek : I Went Outside
Whales : Drifting Off
19 Muslimgauze : Free Palestine
20 Pigbag : As It Will Be
21 Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft : Co Co Pino

Danny mixed the first section and i mixed the second section here is the artwork before it was made greyscale.

07 Ono Pollen

This mix started life as a live recording from this event in leeds in 2007

the mix was created with me on the turntables and mooken using ableton live to trigger his bank of sounds. Mooken did an edit of this SND – (Live) and we played it in the mix we added a lot of extra bits into the mix and some of the sounds in the mix are not accounted for in the tracklist i'm pretty sure i played a bit of rhythm & noise contents under notice in the mix and there was definitely some bits of yoko ono sampled in the layers of this set. we sent this out to a lot of places as a promo version; wire magazine, vice magazine etc... the ben frost track on the mix is from a test pressing of his awesome album "theory of machines" we got the tests at baked that morning so i just had to play that track. Idris Muhammad - Piece Of Mind was sampled by shake on a downbeat frictional track so we played the original of that as it fitted with the drama jazz stuff mooken was into at the time the quincy jones track was also one of mooken's faves. we actually played something in the middle of this mix that mooken cut out when he was editing it "Rape" from Peter Wyngarde's When Sex Rears Its Inquisitive Head LP. really great that track but it didnt really fit in. Mooken is responsible for all the post production tweaking and editing out my mistakes ! thanks for making me look pretty respectable .

here's the press sheet

Label: ono
Title: achew!
Cat no: ONO Achew
Release Date: 01.11.07

Ono Achew! is a recording of the collaborative efforts of Mooken and Keswicklemon taken from the “Pollen” night at Brudenell Social club in Leeds on June 21st 2007. When invited to play at the long running Pollen night, the two Manchester DJ’s began drawing on the experiences gained from building the ono “She Knows” compilation. It was decided that these ideas should be adapted for improvised live performance using the combined efforts of laptops and analogue vinyl. The end result is an edgy mix that juxtaposes moments of high tension with lush serenity, and aims to give the listener the sense of drama apparent on the night.


Rjoji Ikeda – Data.matrix (Raster-Noton)
Terry Riley – Happy Ending (Warner Bros. Records)
Burning Star Core – Mes Sodats Stupides (Hospital Productions)
Quincy Jones – Candy Man (Reprise Records)
David Shrigley - When I Was A Little Girl (Azuli)
Ben Frost - We Love You Michael Gira (Bedroom Community)
Chris Corsano – How Do Know Where To Throw The Ball (Hot Cars Warp Cdr)
John Hegre – Don’t (Dekorder)
Idris Muhammad - Piece Of Mind (Legacy Recordings)
Raymond Scott - IBM MT/St : The Paperwork Explosion (Basta)
SND – (Live) (Live Recording)
Thomas Hamilton – Untitled (Creel Pone)
Maurizio – M-6 (Maurizio)
Wasteland – July (Transparent)
Metabolist – Tizhoznam (Drömm Records)
Matt Wand – Medical Milestones (Hot Air)
The Human League – Introducing (Virgin Records)
Deerhoof – Scream Team (ATP Recordings)

its in a similar vein to She Knows, we got a really nice review in vice magazine for this mix here it is

this mix was done post pelikanneck shutting down so i got a load of old pelicanneck stickers and put them all over the artwork as an element to the composition. sort of to show my thanks over the years for shlom,daz quale,rob hall,mike,conor and david R's help to me finding great tunes over the many years pelicanneck was open first on the top floor of aflecks palace and then in oklahoma. good times had by all i was very sad to see it go as i had many hours of good times in there, i even fell in love in that shop thats how special it was to me. Conor was like my councilor, he gave me a lot of encouragement and we shared quite a few curries at "this and that".

here is the full colour artwork

06 Ono Turbo D

D = Detroit booty bass mix)

i cant find a press sheet for this either, its another totally raw mix from mark turner and it has oodles of ace tracks from detroit. i will try and find the tracklist for it. i'm sure mark sent me one somewhere... This is the only booty mix you need.

Mark has posted a bonus mix for ono turbo 'D' here check it out Turbo D bonus download here

05 Ono Russia

Weird that i didnt make a press sheet for this release i'm really confused about that. Well, after the success of "Norway" Gultskra Artikler (whos signed to Svarte Greiner's Label Miasmah) got in touch via Svarte and wanted to do a mix for ono. i had heard his release for Lampse which is absolutely incredible by the way... check it out. Gultskra sent me this mix.

Gultskra Artikler - Derevo Jizni:
1 - Mikael Tariverdiev - Malchiki I More (Excerpt)
2 - Triptic Of A Pastel Fern - Statements Of The Fern
3 - Marissa Nadler - Dying Breed
4 - Ken Nordine - Green
5 - Hecq - 0011
6 - The Franciscan Hobbies - Satan Crystals
7 - Ragnar Grippe - Capriccio
8 - Victor Tsoi - Derevo

I replied to it with this mix with some editing+mastering help from Arkh.

Keswicklemon / Arkh - Aqueduct:
1 - Machinefabriek - Citron
2 - BBC Sound Effects Library Sounds
3 - Lawrence English - Lathe Cut
4 - Tuxedomoon - Vulcanic, Combustible
5 - Svarte Greiner - Raggsokk
6 - Throbbing Gristle - Beachy Head
7 - John Cage - Prelude For Meditation

since i didnt have a press sheet for this i ended up having a massive conversation with david from boomkat about what was on the cd so that he could write it up

DR says: hey Michael, nice to see you in Skypesville. yeah, some Ono info would be swell!
DR says: aha!
MH says: disk 2 no info but i can push you towards some of the tracks i used....
DR says: that would be good
MH says: thanks for the hello massage !
MH says: it was like a thai rub down
DR says: sweet. that's what i was going for
MH says: Tuxedomoon - Bardo Hotel Soundtrack
MH says: 1 track from that. 16 Vulcanic, Combustible
MH says: i start the mix with this random rare citron machinefabriek 3"
DR says: righto... noted.
MH says: play loads of stuff like a lawrence english lathe cut 7"
MH says: various BBC sound effect 7"s
DR says: nice job
DR says: got a label/name for the Larry English joint?
MH says: sorry no idea...think its the only 7" he has ever done .. its so rare its off the map completely
DR says: ok, so what else is on there, squire?
MH says: the first mix is entirely gultskra artikler .
MH says: the second mix is Kes / Arkh collab Arkh edited the whole thing down
DR says: who is Arkh then?
[14:02:05] Michael Holland says: i'm just listening through the mix now to remember whats on it ... its so long since i did it
MH says: oh there is a svarte greiner 7"
MH says: Raggsokk
MH says: is the title
MH says: the last track is Beachy Head off throbbing gristle 20 jazz funk greats
MH says: remember what else i put on it ...
MH says: hope i was some help there
MH says: its limited 2x3" cdr then ... black black cdr
DR says: yep that's all good info - but who is Arkh?
MH says: limited to 100 copies
MH says: twenty copies come as a 2x3" cdr.
Discogs Page
Boomkat Link

04 Ono Yo Ron Juzzle

Discogs page
Boomkat review

danielsan on norman records site wrote this about Yo Ron Juzzle :

i was expecting something similar to clickits but this music couldnt be further from the minimal delights of the clickits.. mad as toast.

Boomkat review (Unedited)

"Ronny Juzzle is the carefully chosen moniker of none other than Manchester's very own (at least for another two days before he moves to Cornwall to become an ice sculptor… really) Jonny Russell (see what he did there?) probably better known as the one from Clickits who hasn't already released a solo album on Moteer. Phew… well the very lovely ONO, Ducie House's very own CDR label, has finally felt the urge to give this twisted mind his own space in the music scene, and on his debut mini-album we get treated to a hiccupping barrage of digitally manipulated ADD sound that's ready to give Autechre a run for their money. Well sort of anyway, this is music made by someone who won't get a job because he wasn't wired that way, music from a character who prefers to smoke crack with overweight milfs from Rochdale than go to the Roller Disco with his mates, music from a guy who tried to burn the entire stock of Clickits long sold out (or did it really sell out?) first 12". But then we've always known that the best musicians are totally mental, look at Prince, he had a rib removed so he could kiss the toy snake goodnight without any outside assistance, and don't even get me started on Sun Ra, I'm sure you've all seen the X-Files already. I guess all that's left to do is to tell you if you like the kind of frazzled glitchscapes that Miami's Schematic imprint popularised all those many moons ago injected with the sort of humour you'd expect to have seen on a Northern TV screen in 1975 (you know, worryingly politically incorrect and slightly losing its edge over time, but having a cuddly warm feeling like you've been touched in your special place while you were sleeping) then this is the disc for you. We promise you won't hear anything else like it this year… or decade... "

03 Ono Turbo B

this is the press sheet i wrote for it .

Label : ONO
Title : Turbo B
Release Date : 29.3.2007

“Turbo B” is the creation of my longtime favourite manchester Dj. Mark ‘00Turbo’ Turner from Eastern Bloc records on oldham street in manchester. Mark is an incredible dj his wealth of knowlege and willingness to change with the times make his dj sets an inpiration. Mark has always stood by his musical tastes, looking back over the years his dj sets have changed my ideas of what is allowed, what should be done ,and what can be done with just one pair of techincs 1210’s. Dj Miles the modern love tour DJ once told me watching mark in the back room at the orbit changed his life forever when he heard mark mixing kraftwerk with Maurizio and that was probably over ten years ago now! This mix is next level music, using todays dj tool Ableton live mark has cut a masterpeice out of old school B-Boy Electro tracks that not only make you want to dance. these tracks have already stood the test of time and will continue to influence and inspire countless more kids with a break boy attitude


i think that says it all really... tonnes of ace electro beats mixed by someone who really really loves his tunes, thankyou so much for this mark!

Friday, 18 July 2008

02 Ono She Knows

Second Ono release is a combined effort basically me and martyn (Mooken) sat down one day and i was playing him loads of tracks from my collection that i was excited about and we decided to try and make a mix out of them. everything from early hardcore , to Raymond Scott American electronic music. This is all stuff that i had been collecting up until that mix came out and it took a long long time to mix all this together. Martyn spent days and days mixing these tracks getting it perfect making sure the flow is just right. Martyn is a perfectionist and this cd is my favorite mix just because its so perfect. The track list reads like a really brilliantly constructed journey through my record collection circa 2006-2007. Me and Martyn were both really proud of this cd. I must also say that a lot of the tracks i found out about through working at baked goods distribution and shopping at Pelikanneck in Manchester the staff at baked goods at that time tipped me off about many of the tracks on this mix. Gavin actually gave me a copy of the white noise album while we had already mixed most of the cd and Martyn and i both liked it so much it had to be included! Conor at boomkat also really helped out and gave me feedback on our "work in progress" so thank you to Conor too. Howie and Simon at baked played me many of the tracks on the cd and gave me so much encouragement along the way. Mlz gave me that born under a rhyming planet record. Simon Tipped me off about Moondog, Si was also the reason i was working there in the first place, thank you Simon. Howie gave me the Tod Dockstader creel pone and also turned me on to Thomas Stronen and also Ryoji Ikeda. John Xela is clearly responsible for my knowledge Machinefabriek and Oren Ambarchi and countless other bits along the way. i could go on and on. i suppose i just wanted to give thanks where thanks is due. These were my friends at the time i was making this cd with martyn and they all unknowingly contributed.

this is the press sheet:
abel : ono
title : she knows
cat no : ONO she knows
release date : ??.3.2007

“She Knows” is an adventure of investigation into music made with voices and electronic instruments. Music Contained in this mix are sounds from the 1950s up until the present day, these tracks are bound together by their personalities to make something new. “She Knows” is a mix more than just a dj mix it is a series of quotations taken from the infinite spectrum of sound available to us in this new post crate digging internet age. Martyn ‘mooken’ Lester has constructed this over a number of months while studying for his masters degree in gynacology at the university of Istanbul. Mr Lemon, first name Keswick has had input into the construction. helping by guiding the sequencing and doing all of the digging and investigation into the music.

What Anne Savage said about a previous mix by mooken

“Wow! This whisks me right back to the good old days but with a forward thinking twist. Great !”

Tracklist for Mooken & Lemon : {Ono : She Knows}

1. Luciano Berio : Visage
2. Raymond Scott : Ripples Montage
3. Soccer Committee : Carps (Machinefabriek Remix)
4. Ryoji ikeda Data Flex
5. Ryoji ikeda Data Reflex
6. Duo B&B : Licktronica A
7. Born Under a Rhyming Planet :Analog Heaven on Beat Off Beat Style
8. Todd Dockstader : Pond Dance.
9. Raymond Scott : Awake + Nescafe
10.Thomas Stronen : Dispatches 11 Obeng Ungu & Jalan Buntu (with Group Uang Wayang of Palembang):
12.Raymond Scott : Lightworks
13.Moondog Tree Frog
14.Moondog : Symphony 1 (Timberwolf)
15.Moondog : Dragons teeth
16.White Noise : My Game of Loving
17.Oren Ambarchi : Corkscrew
18.Kaman Leung : Untitled
19.Dj Dexter : Soundman dub
20.Mutamassik : Shaky Knees
21.Iannis Xenakis: Komboi
22.Sidechop : Basschurn (Lytle & Parsons mix)
23.Lil Louis : God is Watching U
24.Boris Police Band : Dont Go
25.Jammer : Rocks Out
26.Dj Producer : Ode 2 Death Row
27.Dj Scud: No Love
28.Raymond Scott : Bassline Generator
29.Stockhausen and Walkman : Deluxe Nipples
30.E.G Oblique Graph : Extreme Faction remix

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01 Ono Norway

3rd March 2007 The Start of Ono.

This months licktronica is a 'ono' special to help launch my new CDr label
this sunday the 4th of march, licktronica will feature some of the upcoming dj's that will contribute both visually and aurally to the ono audio visual label so expect some exciting sounds, here's what i wrote about my CD!

LABEL : ono
RELEASE : norway

Ono norway is a split dj mix by two artists on the idea of norway. or if spoken ; “ohno No Way !” We hope to go on to produce some magical sounds that interest and educate people around the world hopefully inspire people as mixtapes have inspired us in our short lives. More mixtapes to come from artists such as mooken , keswicklemon , jonny ruzzle , svarte greiner , sean vinylment , miles whittaker , xela and not forgetting howie b good. Genres dont count anymore , recycle, buy vinyl, share whatever knowlege you have, with whoever asks.

Tracklist as follows.

Svarte Greiner - Hunderfossen
1. Tony conrad with faust - Outside The Dream Syndicate (Table of the elements)
2. The Grey field recordings - Ring Bells (Anticlock)
3. Noxagt - Acasta Gneiss (load)
4. Francois Tétaz - Arcane Menace (from Wolf Creek OST) (Rubber music)
5. Gultskra Artikler - Slovami Poeta (miasmah rec.)
6. Sixtoo - Incidental 7 (bully)
7. Req - Wasp zither (warp)
8. Dubbing mixers - Omena (Tuulanauhat)
9. Paavoharju - Mitä Sinä Et Ole (Miasmah music)
10. Selda - Yaz Gazteci Yaz (Finders keepers)

Keswicklemon - Erlington
11. John Cage : Fontana Mix (turnabout)
12. Spunk : Marbles (Rune Grammofon)
13. Matmos : Rag: for William S. Burroughs (Matador)
14. Discipline : Jazz Head (Artefact)
15. Machinefabriek : Zucht (Machinefabriek)
16. Twine : R-'ono' (Komplott)
17. Sunburned Hand Of The Man: Life In The City (Manhand)
18. E.g. Oblique Graph : The Piano Room (kinematograph)
19. Ben Frost : Stomp (Bedroom Community)
20. Volcano the Bear : The Pincher (No Fi)
21. Supersilent : 6.3 (Rune Grammofon)
22. Keith Jarrett : The Koln Concert Side 1 (ECM)

this is what boomkat wrote about it.

The caliginous shadow of Svarte Greiner (aka Erik K Skodvin) returns once more to wreak havoc on all who lend a severed ear, and this time he comes with a wretched familiar, the Dadaist jester and Ono label-curator Keswick Lemon (aka Michael Holland). The two mischievous spirits have put their broken minds together to come up with an hour-long mix of tumult and faux-splendour, with half an hour procured from each tortured soul. First up is Skodvin and for those of you lucky enough to have consumed his emissions on the Type label you should already have an idea what to expect. Bolt your windows and doors and make sure your house wasn't built on an ancient Indian burial ground, this is music to crumble your soul and facilitate your innermost desires. Tracks from Norwegian metal-terrorists Noxagt, Canadian alt-hiphop man Sixtoo and Finnish weird-folkies Paavoharju are cruelly spliced with lesser-known gems from The Grey Field Recordings, Dubbing Mixers and Francois Tetaz, but this is not about the tracklist – it's about the mood, and what that mood is capable of inducing. Let's just say you'd better make sure you have an alibi handy. Holland continues this murderous theme wonderfully with some abstract cross-eyed cuts from well-known purveyers of musical mayhem John Cage, Spunk, Matmos, Sunburned Hand of the Man and Volcano the Bear interspersed with rarities from Twine and Machinefabriek among others. All in all we are left with a diverse, challenging and devilishly enjoyable selection, mixed supremely by our two ungracious hosts. If this is the sound of Norway, I'm on the next flight to Oslo, never mind the cost of beer! Limited to only 80 copies and coming on CDR only with hand-made artwork this won't last long, and is hopefully an indication of oddness to come from the Ono imprint.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

00 Ono Catalog

I wrote this on the very first press sheet i think that its still as important a statement now as it was then.

"Genres dont count anymore , recycle, buy vinyl, share whatever knowlege you have, with whoever asks."

i feel that statement counts for a lot these days with so many blogs around all pushing the idea of their own ideal music upon you. I absolutely love being able to download things check them out and have a listen i recently found a record called Suckdog "Drugs are Nice" in an interesting shop in Accrington Lancashire in the market hall. the only reason i knew about drugs are nice because someones blog informed me about it. I think most people agree that copying music for people to listen to is definitely a good thing! it expands horizons and i would know much less about music had i not had the knowledge of my friends shared with me. my label ono is a product of many hours of listening to music with friends, please do not limit yourself to one kind of music, you will eventually get very bored. wrote something really beautiful on a piece called vast literary self fulfillment the part of this that i found really helpful and inspiring was a paragraph at the end. i hope that you read that and find that ono music is like a limitless journey through all kinds of sounds.

Not really sure what to say about the name Ono other than its name comes from people in Lancashire saying Oh NO! Since doing other projects with artists who have incredible work and ego's to go with it i wanted to do something that was completely my idea from start to finish so that i could make whatever decisions and not have to check with someone first.

i'm going on a bit so i'll stop now . here is the Ono Discography as of today, much more in the pipeline. . .

20th Feb 2007 : Ono Norway - Svarte Greiner & Keswicklemon (Mix Cd)
27th Apr 2007 : Ono She Knows - Mooken + Keswicklemon (Mix Cd)
05th Jun 2007 : Ono Turbo B - Mark '00Turbo' Turner (Mix Cd)
27th Jun 2007 : Ono Yo Ron Juzzle : Ronny Juzzle (Artist Produced Mini Album)
18th Jul 2007: Ono Russia - Gultskra Artikler & Keswicklemon+Arkh (Mix Cd)
20th Jul 2007: Ono Turbo D - Mark '00Turbo' Turner (Mix Cd)
17th Oct 2007 : Ono Achew : Mooken + Keswicklemon (Live Mix Cd)
17th Mar 2008 : Ono Tesco : Keswicklemon (Mix Cd)
01st Apr 2008 : Ono Holland : Danny Norbury & Keswicklemon (Mix Cd)
01st Apr 2008 : Ono Amature : Black Toothed Grin (Artist Produced Mini Album)
20th June 2008 : Ono Avant Garde : Andrew Hargreaves (Artist E.P. Of Re Edits)
01st July 2008 : Ono Cocteau : Danny Norbury (Artist Produced Mini Album)
02nd July 2008 : Ono Aragon : Andrew Hargreaves (Artist Produced Mini Album)
03rd July 2008 : Ono Eluard : Ikey (Artist Produced Mini Album)
04th July 2008 : Ono Apollinaire : Black Toothed Grin (Artist Produced Mini Album)
01st Aug 2008 : Ono Resistance : Daughter Of The Industrial Revolution (Artist E.P.)