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Thursday, 10 December 2009

List : Top Ten All For Lisa in Portland

i have a new penpal and we started this exchange by chance, some things just feel right and this is one of those things that feels just right. these kind of conversations are impossible to plan as each turn of the corner you learn something new. i should really make her a cassette tape mixtape today but its really sunny again and i want to take advantage of it while its good weather so i'll just do a little typing then shoot off out again. so here we go. . .

1. Bicycles, Generally.... all kinds . ones with one wheel ones with two girls on bikes, couriers bikes, i like them all ! it is fitting that i have a portland bicycle photograph to illustrate number one !

2. Alela Diane (from portland i think? fantastic music) actually i'd like to extend this one too ALL GIRLS WHO LIVE IN PORTLAND although that is quite a lot of people if you look at portland as part of the world then its not very many people at all and there is something special about portland i cant quite put my finger on it right now but there is definitely something in the air in that town, something in the air that i really love!

3. Kurt Schwitters Kurt Schwitters

4. Words In Lists . Poems made from thoughts and things.

i could probably simplify that one to just words or even just letters as i like letters and words equally and i like patterns in words on a page like Guillaume Apollinaire's Calligrammes

5. Tiny little things like little cds that still play, tiny memory cards: these things impress me a great deal!

6. my camera that i take everywhere .

7. PVA Glue (preferably high quality PH neutral)

8. Collections . . Generally . A3 posters, coins, ART , Paper , VHS videos , records , Stereo Photographs , i could go on !

9. Pies (english delicacy) So so wrong but so good these always make my mum feel sick because she used to work in the factory when she was younger.

10. Projects . this is the one thing that keeps me rolling towards something . i'm not sure what it is at the moment but my "projects" give me something to aim for and often help me

here is Lisa's list of ten things in general that she loves...(in no particular order), perfect .

1. stuff from the 1930s.
2. maria bamford (she's a comedian.)
3. sonic youth.
4. the walkmen. the band and the listening device.
5. mix tapes.
6. my underwood typewriter that was made in 1920.
7. ray's ragtime (a vintage store here where I have gone so much the employees joyfully embrace me when I enter the store)
8. movies involving Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
9. right now...soup.
10. going to shows. seeing bands. I saw broadcast when they were here recently. I got out of a store meeting to see them.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

25 Ono Super Christmas

Another idea comes up and my friend Danny replies to me within 12 hours with a wonderful reply and Ono Super Christmas is born with Danny Norbury's Noël Nouvelet ! a one track CDr business card with artwork made from a fake bolivian bank note a picture of jesus i found on a street in Xela: Guatemala a halo made from yellow paper from San Cristobal Mexico.

here is the discogs link Noël Nouvelet Discogs

Just one track clocking in at 4:33 perfect for stockings all over the world but only available over the christmas period. danny should have some copies with him at this gig in london on december 20th : Sweet tweet tweet.

the boats/the sea

20/12/2009 19:30atCafe OTO
Cafe OTO 8-22 ASHWIN STREET, DALSTON LONDON, London and South East E8 3DL
Cost: £7.50

To celebrate their first Christmas, Home Normal and Arctic Circle are proud to present: The Boats, Danny Norbury, Ian Hawgood. And a one off improvised performance Konntinent, Isnaj Dui, Simon Scott. Home Normal is a fledging Tokyo/London label whose roster boasts Library Tapes, Celer, The Boats, Christopher Hipgrave, Mountain Ocean Sun, Isnaj Dui, Le Lendemain and Greg Davis. Upcoming releases include L/M/R/W (Machinefabriek, Soccer Committee and friends), Konntinent, Offthesky, Chihei Hatakeyama and Ian Hawgood. full details: