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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

23 Ono Photo

This is not actually an Ono release but it is photos of an Ono event so i wanted to upload some of Andrew John Holland's photos from the gig on sunday. Andrew has not yet tweaked them properly so they are not final versions but they do look nice. Here they are in chronological order sunset to total darkness. Sadly the recording device used for recording the event didnt record the music so all we have is images of the night.

The artists are The Boats & Danny Norbury, Pan Am Scan and El Fog

Danny Norbury and Andrew Hargreaves also did a bit of a set in the middle, an unadvertised bonus, i do know there is a little bit of film footage of that set so thats good news. on to the photos ...

Black Heart Disco

Now legendary Manchester club night that i really really wish had carried on. Good things have to come to an end sometimes. i wanted to upload the flyers for the night as a collection that i kept at the time. The flyers are in chronological order from the very first one to the last... i think i might be missing one or two but not too many. i also have a mix cd by alex bond to promote the night. Although not much info exists on this event and i cant remember exactly what was played on the nights as i was usually a little tipsy, i'm sure Andy-O will remember much more about it and if he reads this i'd like him to comment or maybe add a bit of his take on the events.

the post Black Heart Disco event that i was lucky enough to play some records at !

22 Ono Sore Nipples

This release started out as a concept album about breastfeeding and i just wanted to promote the practice of breastfeeding amongst mothers, personally i'd definitely breast feed if i was a woman even tho it does cause sore nipples. i was breastfed and i was a happy baby for quite a while as i breastfed my mum tells me that i gained weight steadily and i latched on comfortably.

so the Black Toothed Grin tracknames are all breastfeeding related sort of... and on this release jan makes his solo debut on track one and there are some keswicklemon tracks at the end. This cd is intended to make people laugh so please do. The music is intentionally Lo Fi and there is a bit of sampling going on from records mostly. things like Prophylactic childbirth preparation and other such childbirth and child related recordings. Jan Czugalinski has listened to this release and now wants nothing more to do with this project. Jan said that just because he was there when we recorded the music doesn't mean that he agrees with the release. He found it difficult listening to say the least. Black Toothed Grin is definitely not anything like Bob Marley, it is not advised to smoke and listen to this cd.

Here's the tracklist :

1. Jan Czugalinski (solo) : Jane & Simon
2. Mamma Nuzzle Guzzle
3. Naughty Noddy
4. Breastfeeding in Public
5. Latching On
6. Share Because You Care
7. Keswicklemon : Llandegla's Hottie Chocolate Makers
8. Keswicklemon : Free Cream And Mud

Sunday, 7 September 2008

List : Ono Meanings

I was told by a friend that ono means small field in Japanese. after a bit of gentle investigating i found lots and lots of interesting meanings for the word ono and also some people and places named ono. its raining outside so i feel its time well spent compiling this new list if only for my own amusement. its not a top ten or anything just some interesting facts

Ono means 'delicious''scrumptious' or even 'Sweet' in Hawaiian. In Hawaii it refers to a fish which is a delicacy in those parts that is also called a Wahoo. It is very similar to a snapper but is much dryer and firmer.

Ono also means "Or Nearest Offer" (see the post about the Rossendale hospice shop!)

Ono is also a Spanish cable company

The Japanese meaning for Ono is an axe. My friend Danny also told me that in Japan Ono also means 'Small Field' i just discovered that this is indeed true. In Japan Ono (小野) also means 'Small Field' or Ōno (大野) means 'Large Field'.

Ono is also the surname of Yoko Ono a Japanese lady who married the Beatle John Lennon, Yoko was also a member of the Fluxus art movement.

Ono-i-Lau is a volcanic and coral island island Fiji's Lau Archipelago. Ono is known for its ancient method of fermenting breadfruit, plantains, and dalo underground. The food is stored in a hole in the ground for, sometimes for several years, in preparation for future emergencies. Primary industry dominates the economy; a reforestation program, replanting the island with pine seedlings, is in progress.

Ono - a town of Benjamin, in the "plain of Ono" (1 Chr. 8:12; Ezra 2:33); now Kiryat-Ono, 5 miles north of Lydda (Lod), and about 30 miles northwest of Jerusalem. Not succeeding in their attempts to deter Nehemiah from rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, Sanballat and Tobiah resorted to stratagem, and pretending to wish a conference with him, they invited him to meet them at Ono. Four times they made the request, and every time Nehemiah refused to come. Their objective was to take him prisoner.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

21 Ono Glossolalia

Glossolalia is a project from Brian Howe. Glossolalia or speaking in tongues is the vocalizing of fluent speech-like but unintelligible utterances, often as part of religious practice. Its use (including use in this article) sometimes also embraces Xenoglossy - speaking in a natural language that was previously unknown to the speaker.
Glossolalia Blogspot

i did say on my mailout about this release that it was a collective that was responsible for the music but its just Brian. Many people are involved with the poetry side of things and some of the stuff is sampled poetry but all the music is just brian. its a beautiful cd and its quite hypnotic and a little bit raunchy in places.

i hope that i did it justice writing about it, you should really just check out his blog its got everything on there plus beautiful videos and lots more poems.

oh and its a lot better than Blaine L. Reininger's (ex Tuxedomoon) Album also Called Glossolalia. Thats pretty good tho i'm a big fan of Tuxedomoon especially their recent output.

20 Ono Alfred

(taken from the text file actually on the CD itself)

Label : Ono
Title : Brrrap Yo-Self!
Artist: Duty Mighty
Cat No: Ono Alfred
Release date : September 2008

Duty Mighty is the name given to the demon that apparently haunted the upstairs of Alfred wallis' house. wallis was a painter but was a naive, today he would be described as an 'outsider artist'.
i am currently living on the same road as Alfred's former home. Wallis spent most of his life in poverty whilst
many art dealers and other c***s took advantage of him and sold his artwork to gallerys in london. he was convinced
that the devil lived in the upstairs part of his house and he didnt go upstairs he just lived downstairs and painted.
he referred to the devil upstairs as ''duty mighty''. I know all this cos a guy i met is writing a book about his life.
its a really sad tale, hopefully you can find out some more about him although i dont think there is to much
heavy research done on his life. 3 back road west was the house that he lived in (with duty mighty upstairs) at the moment i live on that street and weirdly enough 2 distinct voices can be heard shouting 'oi' on track 2 ( hence the title) but i didnt actually put them there..... Duty Mighty - July 8th 2008


1. rumbl
2. oi
3. mouthfulow slungi
4. screwball scramble
5. pow wow

Related Links

Alfreds Cottage
Alfred Wallis Wikipedia
St Ives

The picture on the cover is completely unrelated to the music it is actually a picture of a few members or Osama Bin Laden's family with osama in the green top.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The Hospice Shop in Rawtenstall - Ono Press Pictures

Sadly The Rossendale Hospice Shop on Queens Square Rawtenstall has closed its doors this August. i'm not completely gutted because they never got many interesting records in there, however the staff were very lovely and on my last visit they tried to sell me a knitting machine that i displayed a mild interest in. Maybe i should have bought it for Alice sorry Alice if your reading this, i didnt buy it, you have lots of stuff anyway she probably will live without a knitting machine. back to the real point of this post, photographs!

I just want to add if anyone from the shop does read this (v,unlikely) i did really enjoy just browsing in your shop and the staff were always the friendly types who were up for a conversation or even just to give me some advice on how best to cook fish. It will be a very sad day when charity shops like this dissapear for one reason or another if only for because people like me wont have anyone to chat with when they go for a browse in the shops in their nearest town.

You cant get interactive shopping like that on the internet, they (big brother) will charge you for service like that in the future once they have got rid of all the old people who like to chat and closed all the non profit organizations down. and that will indeed be a very sad day.

thankyou Rossendale Hospice Shop Staff, you were all absolutely lovely and the people of Rossendale will miss you.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

19 Ono Danger

Black Toothed Grin's third release is another small step forward in us learning the art of one microphone garage recording techniques. As you might be able to guess we had such a good time recording these tracks and letting the world have a laugh at our mistakes and intentional music making hiccups its all part of the fun. This music is not made with advanced techniques or even expensive equipment .ts just two lifelong friends and some special guests along the way. My Mums old Dictaphone records all the danger direct to analog with nasty recycled tapes. Its quite exciting really just making music for fun even if its terrible i could just give away 30 copies easily! The first and last tracks on this CD are actually good as they are produced by Ikey on a rainy summer day in Yorkshire, they include bits of Kurt Schwitters poetry. I'm a fan ! i'm not saying we sound like any of the following artists but the idea of Black Toothed Grin aspires to sound like the following : Sickdog, Camera 3, Kemialliset Ystävät, The Units (both of them), Moha, Swans and Plastic Ono Band (in out dreams)

the tracklist looks like this (from Discogs)

1. Forget The Dipsaws (0:14)
Producer - Ikey
Written By - Kurt Schwitters
2. Flourishing Synthetic Verdant Apples (1:22)
3. Mail Snail Trail (3:30)
4. Russians In Space (2:52)
Written By - Camera 3
5. Monsoon Season In The Valley (6:15)
6. The Paramount Importance Of Good Dental Care (4:05)
7. She Dolls With Dollies (0:53)
Producer - Ikey
Written By - Kurt Schwitters

All tracks performed by Black Toothed Grin & 1+7 Feature the skills of Ikey!

My friend Daniel just came and practiced with us last night so expect the Pro Breast Feeding Black Toothed Grin cdr very soon its going to be called "Ono Sore Nipples" Its not much better than this one but we are improving!