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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

28 Ono El Bondi

fresh new music from an new artist called Sebastian Alejandro Goya one track Seba sat playing the bus (El Bondi) - Discogs link Download Link

The NZ van

beautiful well loved quirky but mechanically sound diesel toyota townace van with double bed drawers loads of storage space two front seats no back seats just bed. one wonderful little wooden and canvas stool. big milage but its a toyota and these things just seem to go and go ! i have got it through its wof each time 3 times i think now and usually it just needs a few little things like windscreen wipers replacing ... last wof it needed tyres... so i have two new tyres on the back and two good one (but not new) on the front . the spare is not really that great . its just ran out of its registration so that needs to be done . $417 for a year i think for this model. so the van comes with drawers, working stereo that takes tapes (with ipod input in the front too) loads of cool curtains with pockets and solar powered lights and hooks for dangling spoons. breathe.

will keep you dry and safe all over the north south wet dry cold new zealand country. as well as being warm and dry in the wet it also goes pretty fast comfortably cruises at 115++ if you want to push it happiest at around 90 tho goes well up gravel roads even steep ones thanks to the new rear tyres. although i must say it is definitely not 4WD so dont go crazy on the offroading and in the mud its a TOWNace not a MUDace. i will clean it up before i sell it so it will be all clean swept and ready to accept new goodies. there are some cool cool tapes in the collection too so i will include them if you want them , Severed Heads , The Cure , Ltj Bukem , Robert Johnson, Mooken - Mixtapes etc.... amazing stuff for driving around . the outside is grey. the last owner was a mechanic who restored classic cars ... so when i got it it had spare parts included : Spare Radiator , clutch , brake pads , oil filter, NZ lonely planet guide, herb books , wwoofing book, ice scraper and this van also comes with total freedom to go wherever you want to go and fill with whatever lovely stuff you want to fill with it . its a manual with a hand stiched gear knob cover if that doesn't seal the deal then i dont know what will . oh the van has also a built in fruitbowl in the front so you always have enough fruit close by. the van is a lady and she's called Urika Holland (UH2758)

email me on and come and have a look at it in Bayswater Auckland.