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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

More O Canada

So i'm landed and after meeting some lovely people called James (an Englishman) and Siobhan (an Australian) on the plane. Bruce is my dedicated guide for this week to come, i'll take a pic of his pickup truck today when we are going out day-tripping. Really glad i got through customs no problem and my northern charm seems to be working on the immigration lady Mounties.

here are some pictures of terminal 5 in london

People watching, to while away the hours. Now some pics of my hosts apartment in Vancouver. its so good to be safe and warm.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

O Canada

So since i'm going to canada tomorrow i thought i'd do a mini list of things i'm taking with me. its christmas day today for me and my family so here are my presents:

thanks to danny who got me the national anthem so i can practice singing it tonight in preperation for the intense immigration checks!

some video for the trip... gloomy i reckon .

thankyou to hannah for this flightime reading!
this is supposed to be me looking like a fox as i decided it was my favourite animal fabrizio made this beautiful drawing.
Whoaaaaa Music for 18 musicians on vinyl the best present i think i'll get this year. very very very happy about this and totally unexpected. thanks so much danny!

illegal i know but i was desperate to watch the new arthur russell documentary so i got a bootleg thanks to a couple of very skillful friends (you know who you are!) i'll buy it proper when it comes out in november.
a present to myself to get my clued up about jap rock
a good pic by Danny me (as a fox) talking to a bird.

all important chocolate for christmas

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Licktronica 2nd Jul 2005

What ive been waiting to post for a while now and after last nights Move D dj set at Meandyou i think the set he played live at lick was way way better than that. Deep Deep sounds Get it here no tracklist or anything and this has never been available before i'd forgotten it even existed until a few weeks ago...

So Miles Dj'd and was brilliant i might even have a recording of that too will check and post it in the future. The night before Shlom from Boomkat was doing a night with Thaddi from CCO and Svarte Greiner (Type, Deaf Centre etc...) so we hooked up and saved money by printing all the flyers together. Super weekend and absolutely stunning music all round as you might expect from these solid characters.

Licktronica 4th Jun 2005

Mooken and Me playing what we like best i have absolutely no idea what but i remember it being a good one.

Licktronica 7th May 2005

Xela Again playing proper ace scary horror soundtracks. and this was proper good stuff no semi scary stuff really really good good stuff. wish i had a recording of it but i dont sadly, you had to be there. Sean playing stunning turkish records and mad mad records that you never heard of. Joseph bromley playing good drama jazz stuff but i think he was bit put off scratching by the shoddiness of that crappy mixer and turntables that have had a lot of hammering over the years in common it was good all the same.

Licktronica 2nd Apr 2005

Possible contender for the best Dj set EVER is the very well informed and meticulously planned west coast electro set 1983-1986 by Howie at baked goods ! Serious Sickness in common it sounded like something from the future had landed and i dont think i heard a beat dropped ! this night we also had a live violin solo set by Rob's cousin i think ?
Robin Pinning who put on people like Chez Damier and Greg Wilson at his shortlived Prescription night played a blinder too deep down detroit house and jazzy stuff .
i'll get him to upload a mix on here so that you can check his styles out.

See Turbo B for an idea of the same kind of electro Howie was playing that night too its pretty much the same stuff just mixed seamlessly by Mark Turner

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Licktronica 5th Mar 2005

what i can remember from this one is Monica's first and last tracks she started with Michael A Grammar By Broadcast and ended with Underpass by John Foxx.

Monika is a skilled designer and has some amazing records have a look at herphotos this was one of the better lick's just because monika's tunes were so brilliant !

Licktronica 5th Feb 2005

Probably the best lick EVER first time we had Mr Goodiepal on he brought his mechanical bird and wowed a small but interested crowd so much that you could hear a pin drop in the bar. The performance was amazing so i dont really need to say anything else.

"Google Goodiepal Mechanical Bird" to see what i mean and watch the videos !

Licktronica 4th Dec 2004

i just emailed xela to ask him what he played that night at lick he might remember something from that time it was a good one anyway even tho khonnor didnt play cos he didnt even show up. will add something if xela remembers anything about it !

Licktronica 6th Nov 2004

i definitely have no idea what happened this night as i was in norway on holiday seeing spunk play live !

Licktronica 2nd Oct 2004

this night i think i may have played all night long no idea what i might have played i think it was a quiet one anyway.

lonely and quiet i did do a top ten chart at that time so here it is from october 2004

Titonton Duvante : Futurity EP
Dan Curtin: One Evening at Mrs Applebees
MR. Shifter : Ratios
The Soft Pink Truth : Over You (No Love)
Natalie Gardiner : Gowing Down Slow (Flowriders Remix)
Moodymann : Black Mahogany Two
The Other People Place : Sorrow and a Cup of Joe
Isolee : Music...
Luciano : Amelie on ice

5 oldies still sound excellent!

Basic Channel 3 : Vainqueur : "Lyot"
Muzlimgauze : Devour
MLO : Sleeper
Derrick May : Wildtimes Remix
William S : I'll never let you go (Instrumental)

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Licktronica 4th Sept 2004

Not much happened at this one as i remember no guests so not that many people turned up but i'm sure the hardcore people were there around the same time probably a few months before this lick i did a mix that was pretty much exactly what we were playing at that time . i still quite like it and its pretty well mixed considering!

Here's the tracklist for it

The Connection Machine: Poly 800
Marsellus Pittman & Theo Parrish : Selectors Theme
William S : I'll Never Let You Go
Stephen Brown : Latter Works
Isolee : Beau Mot Plage
Kaman Leung: let go
Lodig : Puta Flojera
The Other People Place : Sunday Night Live At The Laptop Cafe
Alexander Robotnik : Dance Boy Dance
Aphex Twin : Heliosphan
Basic Channel : Quadrant Dub 2
Hakan Lidbo : Clockwise (Apparat Remix)
Luciano : Amelie On Ice
Rythym Is Rythym : Icon

Licktronica Mix Download

Dj Bumamps : R.I.P. HELEN

This is a mix for my friend ross who i used to live with he's supposed to be doing a mix himself that i'll post up here once its finished . he's a bit of a perfectionist Dj Bumamps is not so this one is a bit ropy not completely terrible tho i hope, at least the tunes are good int it. No one called helen died that i know of i'm sure that someone called helen is resting in peace somewhere but the image has no relation to the music or anything like that its just me messing about in my bedroom nothing fancy.
the picture is from Moog bar in nottingham and i made the word bumamps on the spinning letters out in the smoking area. i think i have a cold now from standing outside too much but thats the problem with smoking being banned in clubs. If the people you are with smoke you end up having to stand outside with all the other cool people getting ill cos its so bloody cold. its a total bummer if you are a non smoker and have lots of cool friends who dont seem to be affected by the freezing weather.

download me here!
here is the tracklist:

Death Industrial Death Ambient Death Noise for Your Dead Brain : The Queer Attendant
UR Electronic Warfare (Electric Eel Mix)
Der Zyklus : Cherenkov- Radiation
Massive Sounds : The Future
Noleian Reusse : Lovers Jak
Brendon Moeller : Birth
Portable : Kelp
Terry Brookes : Breaking Cycles
E.R.P. : Oretha
Analogous Doom : The Polyhedron Nest
Various Artists : 3
Shake : For The Lamented
Klute : Kahno
Seldom Felt : Kittenscan
Microthol : Smallfish
Drexciya : Bang bang
Laurent Garnier : Kallit!
Cybotron : R9

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Alex Bond Black Heart Disco Mix

See previous post on to see the flyers for this brilliant event. Not much info on BHD apart from this document for download and stories told by people who were there. Good taste good music nice people all night long i'm just a little sad that i didnt get enough people to come down to enjoy it with me.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

23 Ono Video

This is the good news.

The bad news is that other than that tiny clip i took on my mobile phone that is all that was recorded from the gig i did at cross street chapel on sunday night with The Boats Pan Am Scan El Fog and Danny Norbury.