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Friday, 15 August 2008

Artist Cristina Bueno

I met this very interesting young lady at a party in london @ Tate Moss that i was playing records at. it was a very interesting night and i took this picture of this special girl before i actually knew who she was her name is Cristina Bueno.

i really wanted to just write a bit about her on here because she's one of the most interesting people i know her work is very beautiful and her illustrations are simple but very individual and striking. she has done a lot of books recently private presses of her own ideas and each of these beautiful books is a work of art in itself. if you get the chance to buy one of them then you wont regret it. her simple words are to the point and the ideas in the books are incredibly complex. Miss Bueno speaks her mind in various languages !

i have made a book for her myself which i must send to her. cristina has been very busy in the past few years , developing her artistic practice into many meaningful and diverse projects. please get in touch with her and have a look at her website here bespectacledwords information about her new project 'BABY BOOK ADOPTION DAY' is below

Myspace bespectacledwords

YCN Bespectacled Words Baby Book Adoption Project

Cristina and I spent a good many hours together and i really miss her , she lives in london, living the dream and being a proper artist i will send her a beautiful package on monday morning!

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