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Sunday, 1 May 2011

New Art Workshops @ Prana Fusion Festival

thankyou to Enfys for allowing me to have some freedom to create some art with the kids every day at the festival. it was a wonderful experience and gave me the confidence that i could definitely do something like this again painting the caravan and overseeing the kids painting everything else . sandy was actually painting the kids too and the adults as well as running the art space all afternoon! thankyou to amy too for all the help in the mornings allowing me to go and do some other workshops one morning hope you all like the pictures. email me on if you have more pictures to put up here . happy travels , michael   

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andrew j holland said...

Well done Michael. The workshops look like fun, everyone seems to be working very hard and the results are superb and inspirational. Keep going and do some more it could be a world wide phenomenon.
Lots of love
The Double Dutch Crew.