Keswicklemon is a blog by artist Michael Holland from Lancashire england. Its an archive of projects artwork music photographs collections and writings. not many people follow me and there are way too many blogs in the world but this one is simply just for me to keep my ideas from disappearing into nothingness.

Saturday, 27 November 2010


wish i could be everything that everyone needs me to be plus everyone who i need to be and keep everyone happy all of the time and myself happy all in one go with no negative thoughts and still making sure i have enough money in the bank to eat and look after myself without relying on anyone else in the meantime i will do my utmost to be the very best person i can be given the situations thrown at me daily by the world as well as that i wish i had time to both learn chinese and write a book whilst also creating great artworks that will one day make someone rich and also happy to look at them, lots to do tomorrow.

  • ut·most Noun   /ˈətˌmōst/ listen
    • The greatest or most extreme extent or amount
      • a plot that stretches credulity to the utmost
  • Add starRemove star ut·most Adjective   /ˈətˌmōst/ listen
    • Most extreme; greatest
      • a matter of the utmost importance