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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

List : Top Ten List From Alice Clarke (Lacies Records)

In reply to Alice's Top Eleven . Alice is top of my list of people to visit as soon as i get back to england ! i will reply to her list with a top ten of things i think she will appreciate from banff.

'It's the time of your life that may last a lifetime'

When I received the email from MH asking me to write a top ten of anything, I knew straight away what it should be. A daily fantasy of the dreamboat Lloyd Dobler to 'Say Anything' to me is an accurate suggestion of my obsession with the Brat Pack era. Here is my list of 80s teen movies:

1- Pretty In Pink

2- Sixteen Candles

3- Valley Girl

4- Better Off Dead

5- Say Anything

6- The Sure Thing

7- St Elmos Fire

8- Some Kind Of Wonderful

9- About Last Night

10- One Crazy Summer

11- Mannequin (which I watched this weekend and loved!)

Number eleven is not part of alices list but she did include it on a previous list so i had to include it . my list is books videos and other things that i have read thanks to the wonderful Banff Public Library . i cant praise enough the wonderful staff and superb selection of films videos books and everything they have in there . The Library has truly enriched my time here in banff so this is for alice, here goes :

10 . Where's Michael Book

9 . Vladimir Nabokov : Pnin

8 . The Family Of Man Photography Book

7 . My Fridge

6 . Wax Poetics : The Philly Issue

5 . The Twentieth Century Performance Reader

4 . Mon Oncle Antoine

3 . My New Childs Chair (Bedside Table)

2 . And The Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks By William S. Burroughs And Jack Kerouac

1 . I Heart Huckabees

Hope you like that list its totally for alice clarke welovelaciesrecords link

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