Keswicklemon is a blog by artist Michael Holland from Lancashire england. Its an archive of projects artwork music photographs collections and writings. not many people follow me and there are way too many blogs in the world but this one is simply just for me to keep my ideas from disappearing into nothingness.

Friday, 20 April 2012


My desire to create is stalling mostly because there is already so much waste in the world. Just me creating more stuff is clotting up my mind with extra stuff i really don't need to sort out i have way too much stuff already and i have been throwing out collages and lino prints today so many have gone to be recycled i have a pile to keep and a pile that is not amazing but too good to throw out . i just think to myself what is going to happen to all this stuff . Most of it will never find a home and most of it will clutter up someone else's home so its better to use it as mulch on the garden or recycle it into something else.

Editing is key in this game . i read the other day in Simon Reynolds book Retromania that quantity is the enemy of quality.

you can't even see if something is good if all you can see it stuff in the way . You might get bored before you even get near to seeing the final perfect beautiful object. We are in the time of total edited madness where paintings are worth millions but others are completely worthless you must throw out stuff edit and reorganise your piles of dross to know what you have. 

Teasers Pleasers

Coming to the end of the first working week in the new premises and things are happening thick and fast at the moment. Rob Parkinson of PPP Preston is my paris fame and I will be doing this night in soup kitchen basement first thursday of the month. Teasers Pleasers. the name came from either, my mind, robs mind or a combination of the two... or possibly from Howl by Allen Ginsberg or maybe from Guignols Band By Louis Ferdinand Celine.

Teasers Pleasers is also a strip club in Bakersfield California, sadly we will not be transporting the whole of the club to the basement of soup kitchen however much we might like to do that.