Keswicklemon is a blog by artist Michael Holland from Lancashire england. Its an archive of projects artwork music photographs collections and writings. not many people follow me and there are way too many blogs in the world but this one is simply just for me to keep my ideas from disappearing into nothingness.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New work and some more special "finds"

I was thinking i'd have an exhibition but i moved out in the sticks and i am currently digging holes for roses and walking barefoot in the mud, who knows what i'll be doing tomorrow but i am thinking i might be digging out leaves from the drains and other such delights ( seriously that is NOT COMPLAINING !) i actually love the sense of accomplishment and my patch of land that i dug over today looks absolutely beautiful and much nicer than it looked this morning. i'm happy i like the smell of fresh eggs from the chickens in the morning and i like waking up knowing that i am not going to get paid! The wastebusters (recycling centre) is a bike ride away and my bike was returned to me thanks to the wonderful staff at Queenstown Police station. Thats the news, this is a post for my friends , you know who you are !