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Saturday, 19 July 2008

12 Ono Cocteau

The ono poemes series consists of four releases all using recordings of different french poets , Paul Eluard , Jean Cocteau , Louis Aragon and Guillaume Apollinaire. Each poet was paired with a musician and that musician created a sound environment to go with the poems. Danny Norbury : Jean Cocteau is the first of the four french surrealist poem releases on ono. i did start writing a press sheet for this release but it never got finished so i'm not going to post it here. The music speaks for itself. you can download a track from it here at moistworks ,has done an article on this project if you would like to read it, it includes an in depth interview with danny posted on Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Jean Cocteau By Danny Norbury Jean Cocteau Discogs Page
Limited To 33 copies only (with around 5 extra copies for promotion purposes)
Danny released a mini cdr on the static caravan label in 2007 he is constantly working on new material and you can listen to his tracks here on
Dannys Myspace


1.Lit D'Amour
2.Rien Ne M'Effraye Plus
3.Les Cheveux Gris, Quand Jeunesse Les Porte
4.Muses Qui Ne Songez A Plaire
6.Mauvaise Compagne
7.Je N'Aime Pas Dormir
8.Le Paquet Rouge

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