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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

22 Ono Sore Nipples

This release started out as a concept album about breastfeeding and i just wanted to promote the practice of breastfeeding amongst mothers, personally i'd definitely breast feed if i was a woman even tho it does cause sore nipples. i was breastfed and i was a happy baby for quite a while as i breastfed my mum tells me that i gained weight steadily and i latched on comfortably.

so the Black Toothed Grin tracknames are all breastfeeding related sort of... and on this release jan makes his solo debut on track one and there are some keswicklemon tracks at the end. This cd is intended to make people laugh so please do. The music is intentionally Lo Fi and there is a bit of sampling going on from records mostly. things like Prophylactic childbirth preparation and other such childbirth and child related recordings. Jan Czugalinski has listened to this release and now wants nothing more to do with this project. Jan said that just because he was there when we recorded the music doesn't mean that he agrees with the release. He found it difficult listening to say the least. Black Toothed Grin is definitely not anything like Bob Marley, it is not advised to smoke and listen to this cd.

Here's the tracklist :

1. Jan Czugalinski (solo) : Jane & Simon
2. Mamma Nuzzle Guzzle
3. Naughty Noddy
4. Breastfeeding in Public
5. Latching On
6. Share Because You Care
7. Keswicklemon : Llandegla's Hottie Chocolate Makers
8. Keswicklemon : Free Cream And Mud

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