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Thursday, 4 September 2008

20 Ono Alfred

(taken from the text file actually on the CD itself)

Label : Ono
Title : Brrrap Yo-Self!
Artist: Duty Mighty
Cat No: Ono Alfred
Release date : September 2008

Duty Mighty is the name given to the demon that apparently haunted the upstairs of Alfred wallis' house. wallis was a painter but was a naive, today he would be described as an 'outsider artist'.
i am currently living on the same road as Alfred's former home. Wallis spent most of his life in poverty whilst
many art dealers and other c***s took advantage of him and sold his artwork to gallerys in london. he was convinced
that the devil lived in the upstairs part of his house and he didnt go upstairs he just lived downstairs and painted.
he referred to the devil upstairs as ''duty mighty''. I know all this cos a guy i met is writing a book about his life.
its a really sad tale, hopefully you can find out some more about him although i dont think there is to much
heavy research done on his life. 3 back road west was the house that he lived in (with duty mighty upstairs) at the moment i live on that street and weirdly enough 2 distinct voices can be heard shouting 'oi' on track 2 ( hence the title) but i didnt actually put them there..... Duty Mighty - July 8th 2008


1. rumbl
2. oi
3. mouthfulow slungi
4. screwball scramble
5. pow wow

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The picture on the cover is completely unrelated to the music it is actually a picture of a few members or Osama Bin Laden's family with osama in the green top.

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