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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The Hospice Shop in Rawtenstall - Ono Press Pictures

Sadly The Rossendale Hospice Shop on Queens Square Rawtenstall has closed its doors this August. i'm not completely gutted because they never got many interesting records in there, however the staff were very lovely and on my last visit they tried to sell me a knitting machine that i displayed a mild interest in. Maybe i should have bought it for Alice sorry Alice if your reading this, i didnt buy it, you have lots of stuff anyway she probably will live without a knitting machine. back to the real point of this post, photographs!

I just want to add if anyone from the shop does read this (v,unlikely) i did really enjoy just browsing in your shop and the staff were always the friendly types who were up for a conversation or even just to give me some advice on how best to cook fish. It will be a very sad day when charity shops like this dissapear for one reason or another if only for because people like me wont have anyone to chat with when they go for a browse in the shops in their nearest town.

You cant get interactive shopping like that on the internet, they (big brother) will charge you for service like that in the future once they have got rid of all the old people who like to chat and closed all the non profit organizations down. and that will indeed be a very sad day.

thankyou Rossendale Hospice Shop Staff, you were all absolutely lovely and the people of Rossendale will miss you.

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