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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

19 Ono Danger

Black Toothed Grin's third release is another small step forward in us learning the art of one microphone garage recording techniques. As you might be able to guess we had such a good time recording these tracks and letting the world have a laugh at our mistakes and intentional music making hiccups its all part of the fun. This music is not made with advanced techniques or even expensive equipment .ts just two lifelong friends and some special guests along the way. My Mums old Dictaphone records all the danger direct to analog with nasty recycled tapes. Its quite exciting really just making music for fun even if its terrible i could just give away 30 copies easily! The first and last tracks on this CD are actually good as they are produced by Ikey on a rainy summer day in Yorkshire, they include bits of Kurt Schwitters poetry. I'm a fan ! i'm not saying we sound like any of the following artists but the idea of Black Toothed Grin aspires to sound like the following : Sickdog, Camera 3, Kemialliset Ystävät, The Units (both of them), Moha, Swans and Plastic Ono Band (in out dreams)

the tracklist looks like this (from Discogs)

1. Forget The Dipsaws (0:14)
Producer - Ikey
Written By - Kurt Schwitters
2. Flourishing Synthetic Verdant Apples (1:22)
3. Mail Snail Trail (3:30)
4. Russians In Space (2:52)
Written By - Camera 3
5. Monsoon Season In The Valley (6:15)
6. The Paramount Importance Of Good Dental Care (4:05)
7. She Dolls With Dollies (0:53)
Producer - Ikey
Written By - Kurt Schwitters

All tracks performed by Black Toothed Grin & 1+7 Feature the skills of Ikey!

My friend Daniel just came and practiced with us last night so expect the Pro Breast Feeding Black Toothed Grin cdr very soon its going to be called "Ono Sore Nipples" Its not much better than this one but we are improving!

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